Converts Organic substances to "Carbon/Char"; for inorganic substances there remain unchanged as "Dry Products".
The unique process advantages of Carbonator® are:

 Removes 99% of moisture/water content;
 Physically reduces, chemically breaks down and converts the organic substances into stable and odorless carbon/char;
 Leaves the inorganic substances unchanged as it is for recycling where applicable.

This technology adopts Environmental Friendly design, which utilizes:

 In-direct heating concept (dry hot air) where variable clean heat source can be used;

 Isolated process treatment condition to achieve the thermal breaking stage of various organic waste substances;
 Low - medium process temperature;
 Inert gas purging to produce Oxygen starved  condition to eliminate formation of pollutant gases and self burning.

Process Thermal Treatment – Cross Section

System Configuration

Process Cycles
Process Flow Diagram
Air Emission with & without deodorizer
Output discharge
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