Air Pollution Control

     NASMECH Air Pollution Control System

     Design, Construct, Installation and Testing & Commissioning
  •    Horizontal Cross-flow Scrubber System

  •    Vertical Counter-current Scrubber System

  •    Venturi Scrubber System

  •    Stripper (Aeration Tower) System

  •    Air Washer System

  •    Packing 2K Poly-propylene Tellerette

  •    Mist Eliminator 1R Poly-propylene Tellerette

  •    Non-clog Spraying Nozzles

  •    FRP Gratings 

  •    Exhaust Ductworks (FRP, PVC, PP, GI, SUS 304/316, Teflon Lined)

   Authority Compliances:
  •    Malaysia Department of Environment (DOE)

  •    Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014

  •    DOE Written Submission for Notification & Declaration Approvals




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